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Songwriter, Musician, Music Producer.

Singer-songwriter and independent Sicilian producer, he began as a drummer in '94, later perfecting himself under the guidance of Mimmo Cafiero.
In 2001 he participates as a singer with his band Harea Kreativa in Sanremo Giovani, reaching the national finals.

With them he performed for several years in squares and regional clubs proposing, in addition to heterogeneous covers, unreleased songs with an electro-rock flavor.
In 2007 he released his first album, his debut album, Forse Farti Male, distributed by the Videoradio label.
In September 2011 he performed at the Fraschini theater in Pavia as drummer in the Italian tribute to Michael Jackson "This Time Is For You" with the orchestra of the Vittadini conservatory, conducted by Ugo Nastrucci and with Sherrita Duran, an established and talented Italian-American singer . In 2012 he reinterpreted Deep Purple's greatest hits live with their main exponent, drummer Ian Paice.

In 2013 he shared the stage with Andrea Braido, virtuoso Italian guitarist (Zucchero, Vasco Rossi, Laura Pausini) in Licata, in homage to Rosa Balistreri, voice of Sicily and Sicilians.
It has also opened concerts for successful Italian singer-songwriters such as Gatto Panceri and Francesco Tricarico.

In 2015 the single “Hey! What's New?” obtains wide critical acclaim and the review on Classic Rock from the pen of the great journalist and producer Renato Marengo.
In 2016 he won the Classic Rock Italia award as the best Italian rock artist of the year.
"Sialia", written with Simona Malandrino in 2016, rockets to first place in the digital charts in alternative rock.

Graduated in pedagogy, he subsequently obtained a master's degree in science and technology applied to music at the V. Bellini conservatory in Caltanissetta.
He perfected his studies as sound engineer with Steve Albini, one of the most important producers in the international rock scene (Nirvana, Page & Plant, Tori Amos...).

In 2018 the single Radio Nostalgia obtained an excellent public consensus, reaching the final of the Lennon Festival and third place for the radio finals of the Mia Martini Award.
In 2020 the single Bella Ciao was released, an electro-soul reinterpretation of the famous partisan song famous all over the world.  

The same year the album Something In The Air was released, with a Christmas flavor, which includes the unreleased "A Christmas Dream", written in 2008 for immigrants who reach Sicily through the Mediterranean Sea in search of a better life.
In 2021 the remaster of "Let The Children Play" is released, a song released in 2011 in memory of the innocent victims in the war on the Gaza Strait.

In the same year Aurora was released, a single with an electro-pop flavor that reached the national charts of independent labels, remaining in the MEI top 50 for over 3 weeks. 

In the summer of 2022 he performed at the Spasimo in Palermo with other songwriters (including Luigi Turinese and Salvatore La Carrubba) for a "Un Ponte di Solidarietà", a charity event in favor of Madacascar which sees the extraordinary participation of Pippo Pollina.  
In 2012 he founded Circuiti Sonori, an independent label and music academy where he follows and produces various artists.

Among these, some have achieved recognition and visibility of great importance in the world of entertainment.

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