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Armando Cacciato a "Le Fabrique Studios", Francia.



Armando Cacciato con Steve Albini

Production and Artistic Direction:


Armando Cacciato

(Ian Paice, Andrea Braido, Silvio Relandini, Franco Liberati, Steve Albini)

As a singer-songwriter, he boasts various participations in festivals and musical events, such as theSanremo Song Academy (semifinalist), Lennon Festival (semifinalist), Valentine's Contest (Deep purple official website web award, 1st CLASSIFIED best performer).

In 2010 guest of the Sicilian Pop orchestra together withPanceri cat. In September 2011 he played drums with the orchestra of the Vittadini Conservatory eSherrita Duran, prestigious Italian-American singer.

In 2012 he reinterpreted live the greatest hits ofDEEP PURPLE with their main exponent, the drummerIAN PAICE.
He holds amaster's degree in science and technology applied to music, at the V.Bellini Conservatory of Caltanissetta.
In 2013 he sings in the band ofAndrea Braido, Italian virtuoso guitarist.
In 2014 he opened the concert of Francesco Tricarico, a refined Italian singer-songwriter.
In February 2015 he participates in theMix With The MasterswithSteve Albini, one of the most important producers on the international rock scene.

In 2016 he was awarded by the prestigious CLASSIC ROCK magazine as the best rock artist of 2015, reviewed by Renato Marengo.
He deals with audio editing at the Circuiti Sonori studios. He also takes care of the production of emerging artists who gravitate around the independent labelsound circuits.

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